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On the creation of

Babby's first CSS meets the reality of not being able to use calc() to derive margin size between top bar and content from vw & vh and having to learn @media instead. Truly a gripping epic for the ages, if by "ages" we mean predominantly 25-45.

It's not near so harsh as this description would lead you to believe.


Articles that involve the creation of items boasting questionable utility value.

Compositing Several Photographs (Manually)

Photographer's friend: Hey man, any chance we can see those pictures you took?
Photographer: Maybe soon, I just need to finish editing them.
The Editing: Psst, wanna spend several hours making a single image?

Lessons in Film Digitizing

From the closet to the computer! The garage to the gallery! The cellulose to the sensor!

Photo Restoration Adventures

Tedium is guaranteed, problem solving is necessary, and automated techniques don't work well.

More good news at 11.

Converting a Guitar to Headless Hardware

It's lighter, it holds tune better, and essentially no one does it because they don't like how it looks.

Installing Microtonal Frets on a Guitar

You'll truly appreciate how forgiving a standard configuration guitar is once you've done this to it.

3d Printing a Teleconverter Adapter

A lot of effort for a $5 thrift store part. But hey, it works!


Among Sunlit Leaves


There Approached them an Age


Vocal Cover: First Fragment - Gula


Cover date: 2023_03_06

Artist: First Fragment
Album: Dasein
Year: 2016
Genre: Neoclassical Technical Death Metal
Label: Unique Leader Records

Recording Lineup:
Vincent Savary: Bass
David Alexandre Brault-Pilon: Vocals
Troy Fullerton: Drums
Phil Tougas: Guitar
Gabriel Brault-Pilon: Guitar

Instrumental generated by Benjamin Carper


D'un gouffre inassouvissable, son panthéon
La facette de sa quête, son opposition
Du haut de son morbide trône d'extravagance
Exploitant et fusionnant la véhémence
Incommensurable appétit
Indomptable être dépéri
Ancré dans la prédation
Emporté dans la dépravation
Du haut de sa vanité
À la vitesse de sa montée
Il sombra dans la cupidité

Survolant les acres d'obsolescence
Hantant les seuils d'innocence
Puisant l'âme dans l'affaiblissement, traîné par les extirpeurs
Physiquement traité devant l'immonde, l'exhumation dite en torpeur

Inculqué à la quête du festin propice
À l'assaut des chemins, propulsé au fond du précipice
Enfermé dans l'insanité j'en fus enclin à basculer
Déchiqueté et éparpillé, j'en fus reconstitué

L'hypotésance de l'âme

L'inassouvissable soif du manque, le perforant
L'inertie innondante l'infinitésimalité de sa masse hideuse
Catalysant l'infection de sa faim
La faisant grandir de jour en jour
Gloutonnerie étant devenue monnaie courante
Gloutonnerie étant devenue fontaine de jouvence
Gula s'appropria l'arborescence de cette existence

Implorant sa mort par l'ingérence de son confort
Il en démontra que l'excentricité de sa panse
Combattant le feu par le feu
Son impitoyable règne, je le pourfendrai
Sa gargantuesque injustice, je la détruirai

D'un gouffre, inassouvissable
Atteingnant la cime qu'en extirpant l'insaisissable
Dans les panthéons de la possession
S'en gavant de l'opposition
Du haut de son morbide trône d'extravagance
Fusionnant et exploitant la véhémence
Incommensurable appétit
Indomptable être dépérit
Ancré dans la prédation
Emporté dans la dépravation
Du haut de sa vanité
À la vitesse de sa montée, il sombrera dans la cupidité

C2 Technique Comparisons

Audio+waveform examples of (mostly) the note C2, as performed by one person, with no effects.


Original Composition: After


Composition date: 2019_06_22

A short piece for piano. The main motif (measure 13, etc) is based on an earlier song I wrote, which I had called "Afternoon Rain." I decided I liked this part, but wanted something different around it, and when I rewrote the song, this is what remained "After." That's where the name of the piece originated.

I was initially inspired to rewrite the piece to teach someone how to read sheet music. At the church that my parents used to go to, there was a young guy (around 14, at the time, I think?) named Christian. He had taught himself to play piano quite well, but couldn't read music. I put this together, and included plenty of symbols. In less than 30 minutes of teaching, he was reading pretty well. Incidentally, he's probably the only person who learned about the double short fermata before seeing key signatures. Hmm...

Sheet Music
sheet music

sheet music

Original Composition: Entropy Reversal Procedure


Composition date: 2018_08_11

A piece for piano. There's no particular story to this one, it's just something I wrote one day. I still write music by putting accidentals every measure instead of just defining a key, I suppose I read it faster that way.

I'll probably eternally find the last note of this song amusing. It's intentionally out of key.

Sheet Music
sheet music

sheet music

sheet music

sheet music

sheet music

sheet music