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On the creation of

Commentary on the initial technical setup of this site, or:

Babby's first CSS meets the reality of not being able to use calc() to derive margin size between top bar and content from vw & vh and having to learn @media instead. Truly a gripping epic for the ages, if by "ages" we mean predominantly 25-45.

It's not near so harsh as this description would lead you to believe.


Articles that involve the creation of items boasting questionable utility value.

Compositing Several Photographs (Manually)

Here, we take the best parts of many pictures and use them to make one ultimate picture.

It takes some dogged persistence, but the result is otherwise unobtainable.

Lessons in Film Digitizing

This is one way to transform those bits of cellulose in your basement into hi-res images. Many of the RAW editing techniques are also applicable to general photography.

Photo Restoration Adventures

Some exploration into traditional image editing, as well some light incorporation of newer AI-based methods.

Converting a Guitar to Headless Hardware

This sort of conversion is best performed on extended range (more strings than usual) instruments.

I perform it here "because I can™."

Installing Microtonal Frets on a Guitar

Unlock notes that you didn't know existed! If your intonation isn't great, "create" new ones, too!

3d Printing a Teleconverter Adapter

It's like a magnifying glass... for your lens! When you learn how it works, you'll have a few "a-ha" moments, and never see your camera in the same light. Hopefully, that'll be a good thing.


Among Sunlit Leaves


There Approached them an Age