One trail, One mind;
a collection of trees, a collection of thoughts
yet both are paths.
Trees change, thoughts change,
yet we call the trail and mind by name.

How a multitude may be one is powerful,
and reductive.

For a trail to miss one leaf- is this a different identity?
It looks nearly the same,
but it is not so.

One missing leaf, One missing thought;
A changed mind may still a fair trail be.

And as I walk among sunlit leaves,
the calling drone of a thou small beings presiding
bright rays cross near tangibly,
brought forth in life's mist.

Each glimmer among near countless others
Is nothing lost with one less?
I cannot hold the entire forest,
but I can hold one leaf.

If you are that leaf to me,
then one lost glimmer from countless
does wither the whole forest down.

If I am that leaf to you,
when my trail is trod,
the path is still there.

A forest without my leaf, still called the same.
Enough light to see, without my glint.

The path is still there;
it has moved on.

As have I.