These are self-contained software packages accessible through the site (reverse proxy). They offer new and unique functions, with varying levels of public accessibility. At the moment, they require JS to function, and I have not quite customized the themes to fit the main site.


This is an image server. Posts tagged with "photographer:nick" are my own work. You can search by typing something in the "navigation" box. Combinations of things work, like "trees birds" is valid. Negative tags work too, so "trees -birds" will give pictures with trees but no birds. You can view the available tags by clicking "Full List" under "Popular Tags." Theoretically, tag search autocompletion should work, but it kind of doesn't.


This is encrypted file and document hosting, offering text, spreadsheet, etc. No account is needed to use it, but some more options will be available with an account.


This is an imageboard that you may post on anonymously (you can leave the name/email fields blank). JS is optional. Files may be uploaded in various formats, see site for details. Posts with files will need to be approved by me before they appear on the site, but text-only posts appear immediately.


This links to an XMPP client that I run on this server. You may use the client with any XMPP server. I also happen to host an XMPP server, on which you may register. Self-registration is enabled, but only works from some clients, not including this web client. I suggest Conversations for Android, Dino for Linux, and Siskin IM for iOS.