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These are self-contained software packages accessible through the site (reverse proxy). They offer new and unique functions, with varying levels of public accessibility. At the moment, they require JS to function.


This is an image server. Posts uploaded by "admin" are my own work. You can search by typing in something next to the orange "search" button. Combinations of things work, like "trees birds" is valid. Negative tags work too, so "trees -birds" will give pictures with trees but no birds. Keep the green box next to "search" filled in, or no images will be visible.


This is anonymous filehosting. No account is needed to use it- however, save the links it makes, because you can only get the links back from the device you uploaded from. The larger a file is, the shorter it will be available for, and everything cleans itself up eventually, so if you want longer term storage, you should contact me. Please do not abuse this service.


This is an imageboard that you may post on anonymously (you can leave the name/email fields blank). JS is optional. Files may be uploaded in various formats, see site for details. Posts with files will need to be approved by me before they appear on the site, but text-only posts appear immediately.


This is an XMPP instance. You can use this kind of chat with an account made on someone else's server if you wish. If I install a web client for people that don't want to deal with installing a client, it will replace the linked page.

This is a personal website that hosts material and services that are intended to educate, entertain, amuse, and be of convenience to the wonderful people who see fit to visit here. It is a modest endeavor compared to the large corporate sites that most are accustomed to, and I ask your patience regarding downtime and usability.

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