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These are self-contained software packages accessible through the site (reverse proxy). They offer new and unique functions, with varying levels of public accessibility. At the moment, they require JS to function.


This is an image server. Posts tagged with "photographer:nick" are my own work. You can search by typing something in the "navigation" box. Combinations of things work, like "trees birds" is valid. Negative tags work too, so "trees -birds" will give pictures with trees but no birds.


This is encrypted file and document hosting, offering text, spreadsheet, etc. No account is needed to use it, but some more options will be available with an account.


This is an imageboard that you may post on anonymously (you can leave the name/email fields blank). JS is optional. Files may be uploaded in various formats, see site for details. Posts with files will need to be approved by me before they appear on the site, but text-only posts appear immediately.


I run an XMPP server, as well as a web-based client. The server may be used with any client, and the client may be used with any account.


These are mainly text, with some images, and to a lesser extent, audio and video. The Articles are hosted off the main server for this site. They are all linked from one page, but you can quickly navigate to different parts of the page using the options from the top bar.


These are articles that mainly detail the experience of creating various items and carrying out various digital methods. They sometimes contain guide-like material, but are not intended to be used as guides unless explicitly stated.


This is for poetry that I have written.

This is a personal website that hosts material and services that are intended to educate, entertain, amuse, and be of convenience to the wonderful people who see fit to visit here. It is a modest endeavor compared to the large corporate sites that most are accustomed to, and I ask your patience regarding downtime and usability.

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