About myself, as well as this website

Hi, my name is Nick.

This site is intended to serve as a convenient place for me to host my own content, as well as provide a platform upon which I can develop services for others. It is part of my ongoing commitment towards getting away from closed-source technology, and understanding the devices that I use.

The name of the site is taken from the choral "bass," a man who sings the lowest part in vocal music. If more than one bass part is present in a music score, the "bass 2" performs the lower part. Although I most often sing the bass 1 part, though an octave lower than as-written, the term "bass 2" is much more common and well-defined than "oktavist-" the term for someone who octaves the bass part. I also wanted to pay homage to the excellent bass Thou Yang, who administers the website bass2yang.com.

The creation of this site, which you may read about in a separate article, has been a process of learning, as well as a proof that privacy-invasive tools provided by large tech companies are unnecessary for individuals seeking to create their own digital spaces. This site was written "by hand," without JS or external dependencies (as I add services I will use JS where needed, but keep it off the main site. I simply cannot find some kinds of programs with web interfaces without it).

When I have more articles written, and my page layouts have been tinkered with enough, I would like to hire out good translation for various languages. As you can likely tell already, I write in a bit of an unusual and poetic way, and would like to have the cadence of my words interpreted by individuals who are extremely proficient with 2+ languages. These translations would likely be linked on a per-page basis to avoid script bloat, and to highlight that they are bespoke interpretations and not machine translation. I would probably offer these languages first: German, Russian, and French.

I shall not inundate you with many personal details about myself beyond what you can infer based upon the content I have chosen to host.

Thank you for your time, and enjoy your stay.


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