C2 Technique Comparisons

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This article is intended for reference purposes and is presented without interpretation or definition. Note that there exist terms in vocal pedagogy which have been attributed to multiple distinct, incompatible methods of generation. As I write articles examining the academic material available relating to these techniques, I will add links to this article and enact corrections as needed.

The videos seem to load much better if you try one, then click a second one.

Technique 1: Modal, C2

Technique 2: Strohbass (modal), C2

Technique 3: Modal to Subharmonic, C2 to C1

Technique 4: Modal to Subharmonic, C3 to C2

Technique 5: Vocal-Ventricular Phonation Mode, C2

More and better examples will be documented on this page as my technique improves and knowledge expands. I have tested all my samples by clipping everything higher than the target frequency off and only presented samples with a clear and obvious desired fundamental.